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Edith Pietsch

Edith Pietsch

New Braunfels, TX

I just had to jot you a note telling you again how happy I have been living in the house you built.  During the recent ice storm my Hill Country Bungalow (as I like to call it!) was a welcome refuge for many friends, family, and co-workers that experienced loss of heat or electricity and plumbing problems with loss of water.  McKenzi and I had stayed in San Marcos for several days, sleeping at the hospital while I drove her to and from work between my shifts.  When we returned a few days later we had a warm, snug, undamaged house with running water.  Hallelujah!!!  The next few weeks afterwards I had several friends and family (including my mom) come over for a warm meal cooked in my FABULOUS gourmet kitchen or take a long hot shower in one of my three GORGEOUS bathrooms that had unlimited hot water thanks to the tankless water heater that you suggested.  Also, I cannot tell you how many loads of laundry they brought over as well! I have enjoyed my Rhonda Riedel custom home immensely these last couple of years, it has become a favorite gathering place for so many.   Now it has also been a blessed sanctuary for others who were not so fortunate during that awful weather.  Once again, thank you for your hard work in providing me and my family with such an amazing, beautiful, sound, and well-built house that is truly a place we call HOME.

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