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The Company

Rhonda Riedel is the owner and builder for Rhonda Riedel, LLC.  The Riedel family has been synonymous with fine custom homes since their 1975 beginnings in the Texas Hill Country. Setting her apart from most other builders is her unique combination of building and interior design skills that allows her to provide a seamless process of design, selections, and construction for her clients.

Whereas most custom home builders shy away from renovation projects, Rhonda welcomes the unique challenges of working within a predefined space and the unknowns that accompany such work.

Rhonda provides complete transparency of all project costs and includes copies of vendor invoices with all payment requests.  Customer payments are deposited in a project account that is unique to each individual project and all vendor payments for that project are paid from that account.

Rhonda’s reputation as a quality driven builder who is firm but fair has helped her attract some of the finest trades and suppliers in the Texas Hill Country. She is direct in resolving any situation and maintains her composure when seeking solutions to any challenge.

The Person

I was born and raised in the mid-west farm belt of northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas. My dad was an early influence of my appreciation for quality craftsmanship when as a young father, he served as an industrial arts teacher. I fondly remember the smell of new wood when visiting his classroom which I still enjoy today when I visit a job site.

My dad was a true cowboy in the most respected sense of the word. He taught me not only to appreciate “good horse flesh” but most importantly good character. The dress of the cowboy was a sharp contrast to the suit and tie he wore every Sunday while serving as lay minister of the Apostolic Christian Church for 33 years. His positive influence on my life cannot be overstated.

I credit my grandmother for instilling good taste and appreciation for details and organization. My first experience with the custom home process was following the detailed planning and construction of my grandparent’s first and only custom home. Grandma would have been a great builder had she not devoted her life to serving her family, community, and church.

Last but certainly not least, my mother is truly one of God’s angels and my best friend. She sees the good in everyone and still reminds to “be nice” during our daily phone visits. She tried her best to keep me in dresses but I preferred a more appropriate attire for being at the farm with my dad.

I have lived in Texas for most of my adult life with my husband Kirk. We were both part of the Riedel family building business which began in 1975 in the Texas Hill Country near Spring Branch. In the early 1980s, we designed, developed, and constructed the first Garden Home community in New Braunfels known as Kirkwood. It stands today as a proud testament of our work.

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