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In a previous Blog, I referred to the following continuum of building services: Production -> Build-On-Your-Lot -> Custom. Fixed Price building contracts are more commonly used at the Production end of the continuum whereas Cost Plus contracts are more common on the Custom end. You’re buying a product on one end and paying for a service on the other. Both types of pricing usually include[...]Read More

As explained in the previous blog, the cost of a custom home is primarily driven by the customer therefore cost per foot is often misused in comparing custom builders. That said, it is a standard of measurement that has long been used by home buyers so it is important to use it knowledgeably. First of all, you need to know what area of the home the standard is being applied to, the “total[...]Read More

This question is usually prefaced with “I know you can’t tell me exactly but what is your approximate or general cost range per foot”? In all fairness, that question is not entirely appropriate for a custom home project and here’s why. Try to imagine the types of building products and services as a continuum with production homes on one end and custom homes on the other end with build-on-your-lot[...]Read More

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